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GPs can now integrate smart technology into their everyday workflow. From alleviating administrative tasks to promoting patient engagement, Hello Health’s Electronic Medical Record, Practice Management Software allow GPs and clinics to do everything securely from a single platform.


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A New Workflow for GPs

Through the Hello Health EMR and Practice Management Software, GPs can now integrate smart technology into their everyday workflow. Built with and for Australian GPs, Hello Health’s suite of medical practice technology/software allow practitioners and clinics to alleviate administrative tasks and promote patient engagement, all while doing everything securely from a single platform.

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Electronic Health Record

Hello Health’s intuitive and cloud-based EMR is easy to use, customisable and highly secure. Designed with a general practitioner’s workflow in mind, it helps GPs concentrate on what’s most important; their patients.

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Services Offered

The Hello Health suite of medical practice technology has been completely customised to fit the needs of Australian GPs. From the moment you switch to Hello Health’s cloud-based software, you and your entire practice staff will be coached and supported through the entire process. The implementation, training and support teams are all located in Australia, ensuring timely service every step of the way.

Implementation and Training

Practices will find it easy to switch from an on-premises solution to Hello Health’s cloud-based EMR and Practice Management Software. Practices can get up and running in as little as two weeks with live online training, with staff always having access to an online training centre and repertoire of training guides and videos.


The Hello Health Support Team is locally based and is included in your practice’s license fee. No need for credit cards or lengthy wait-times on the phone. Speak to a knowledgeable person who works with and for Hello Health practices, ensuring your technology is always functional and your staff is happy.