About Hello Health

What Differentiates and Defines Hello Health?

Hello Health operates in the cloud and provides doctors and medical clinics with the tools to securely practice from anywhere. Our goal is to help medical professionals and health care establishments thrive through comprehensive technology that puts the patient at the centre of their health care journey.

The technology-enabled software and services, which include an Electronic Medical Record and Practice Management Software, allow physicians to automate their processes and consolidate data and tools, all the while enhancing patient engagement. Through Hello Health, practices can take control of their workflow and concentrate on providing quality care to their patients.

Our Mission & Vision

A healthcare future driven by thriving, independent physicians and practices.

Hello Health strives to provide medical professionals with unparalleled software and services that help them take their practice to the next level. Through secure technology that is accessible from anywhere, doctors can take their practice with them anywhere they go. Our dedication to customised implementation processes, easy training and local support all contribute to our vision of providing a human touch to medical technology.

How Can We Help?

Hello Health has spent nearly three years getting to know the Australian health care market and developing a platform that responds to its needs. Through countless meetings with doctors, practice managers and other medical staff, we can safely say that we have developed a platform that will allow doctors and staff to:

  • Reduce the use of third-party applications
  • Secure their data
  • Be more efficient
  • Automate their processes
  • Build stronger patient relationships
  • Consolidate their workflow

The Health of Your Practice; It's in Our DNA

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Hello Health believes that doctors should have access to intuitive and user-friendly technology. This is why the Electronic Medical Record and Practice Management Software were built to help practices become more efficient, without impeding on their daily workflows.

The minimal use of third-party applications centralises information and processes, providing practices and staff with countless time-saving benefits that can be applied to both them and their patients.

The Hello Health technology improves both practitioner and patient experience by reducing paperwork, streamlining processes, removing efficiency barriers, integrating billing and leveraging online and mobile communication applications.

The customisability of the software also provides a unique way to meet all doctor and practice needs and the cloud-based technology allows them to securely practice from anywhere.

Leadership Team

Hello Health’s leadership team is comprised of strong, dedicated individuals that strive to improve physician and practice workflow. Providing technology that helps doctors be more efficient so they can concentrate on their patients is at the heart of everything we do at Hello Health.

Hello Health's Australia team member: Donna Von Blanckensee

Donna Von Blanckensee

Chief Customer and Commercial Officer

Hello Health's Australia team member: Steven Ferguson

Steven Ferguson

Chief Operating Officer