Cloud-Based Medical Technology

Medical Software for the 21st Century

Cloud-based technology is nothing new. It has been around for decades and has allowed GPs and medical practices to secure their data and work from anywhere there is Internet access.

Such technology includes benefits for all practice staff, from doctors to administrative personnel to practice owners themselves.

Hello Health's Australia: Portability


As Hello Health’s Electronic Medical Record and Practice Management Software run on the cloud, practice staff can securely access all patient data and practice information from anywhere. Everything is consolidated on a single platform, allowing doctors to access and manage patient files from the practice, hospital or even at home.

Hello Health's Australia: Security


Cloud-based technology is efficient and reduces the time to implement within practices. Hello Health’s servers are based in Australia and meet all cloud security standards, including governance, compliance, availability and more. We understand the importance of ensuring the privacy of the valuable data practice staff handle every day, which is why we put all necessary measures in place to keep such data secure.

Hello Health's Australia: Cost-Savings


Hello Health’s cloud-based software helps practices save money in the long run. As opposed to on-premises, server-based solutions, there are no hardware costs, operating costs or server management costs to deal with. Practices also don’t need to hire IT teams or worry about dedicating floor space to the servers. Our cloud-based technology includes free updates and upgrades, which are done automatically with limited downtime.