Electronic Medical Record Made for Australian Practices

What Are Some of the Hello Health EMR Features?

The Hello Health Electronic Medical Record is first and foremost a versatile platform that allows general practitioners and medical practice staff to customise the technology according to their clinical workflow.

The Hello Health EMR is also cloud-based, allowing doctors to work from anywhere. Its portability allows practitioners to treat patients within the practice and securely continue any additional work from home or within another healthcare establishment.

Charting and Notes

Patient charts within the Hello Health EMR provide a clear and consolidated view of all important patient information. Practice staff can choose from existing templates within the platform or create new ones based on specific needs and preferences. Visit notes can also be populated through free text or dictation.

Hello Health's Australia: Charting and Notes

Documentation Management

The Hello Health platform allows GPs to save and share important files associated with a patient’s record including images, pathology reports, faxes and more. Patient files are all securely accessible from the cloud-based platform, allowing other peers and staff members to review and add remarks to existing files when necessary, maximising care coordination.

Hello Health's Australia: Documentation Management


Practice staff can easily and securely send communications internally and with patients through Hello Health’s communication tool. The Electronic Medical Record software is equipped with communication tools that include messages, SMD correspondence and patient reminders. These are all consolidated within one platform, giving staff the liberty to easily and securely communicate with important parties.

Hello Health's Australia: Communications


The Hello Health Analytics module supports specific prebuilt reports at practice and provider levels. This section will become a vital tool for all practice staff. It allows users to access practice performance dashboards, financial reports and the Practice Incentive Program Quality Improvement Incentive (PIP QI).

Hello Health's Australia: Analytics

Clinical Decision Support

The Hello Health EMR software is equipped with an important and essential clinical decision support tool. This provides doctors and staff with the knowledge to enhance the care they provide their patients by having access to patient-specific information around specific criterion, actions to be taken immediately, intelligent filters and more. Clinical decision reminders can easily be customised and created by all practice staff.

Hello Health's Australia: Clinical Decision Support

Benefits of a Cloud-Based EMR

The Hello Health Electronic Medical Record software is cloud-based, allowing practice staff to privately and safely document and access important information from anywhere. Whether it be within the clinic or hospital, all files can be easily and securely accessed and shared.

With the ability to access visit notes, online prescriptions, patient outreach programs and more from anywhere, care coordination is maximised, and practices and staff get the mobility and flexibility they need.

  • Private and secure
  • Accessible from anywhere with Internet
  • Quick and easy implementation
  • Dedicated training and support
  • Free updates and upgrades
  • Increased accessibility and collaboration