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A new technology, for practices and patients

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December 12, 2019

A new technology, for practices and patients

Jennifer Morency

picture A new technology, for practices and patients

Part of the RACGP’s minimum requirements for general practice clinical information systems is the topic of education and engagement.

According to them, barriers to the adoption of certain technology within general practices include:

  • Mistrust of technology
  • Lack of GP interest in technology
  • Misunderstanding of technology
  • Investment costs
  • Technological education and training

Health information management cannot improve and lead to better health outcomes without the right technology and the will of GPs to adopt them.

Experiencing the full benefits of technology

When implementing technology in general practices, it is important that the software not hinder your staff’s work. The technology being implemented should:

  • Support your practice
  • Help personnel be more efficient
  • Enable better patient management
  • Increase timely communications
  • Lead to better data collection

With such technology, your practice will be better equipped to support patient-centered care and the provision of safe and high-quality care.

Hello Health has met with many Australian GPs and practice owners to develop a user-friendly platform that fits in seamlessly with their workflow. Hello Health’s Electronic Medical Record, Practice Management Software and Patient Connect will allow GPs and clinics to do everything securely from a single platform.

Through better technology, GPs and practices can spend more face-to-face time with their patients, fostering better relationships and moving towards preventive medicine.