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GP Feedback and Virtual Workshop Announcement

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December 18, 2018

GP Feedback and Virtual Workshop Announcement

Jennifer Morency

picture GP Feedback and Virtual Workshop Announcement

Hello Health conducted workshops entitled “Hello Health – ‘We’re listening’. What does the future EMR look like?” from October to the beginning of December of this year.

The workshops allowed participants to see the product and outline their current frustrations with software systems. These face-to-face sessions were held in the RACGP faculty offices.

Twenty-five GPs and Practice Owners, representing over 340 general practitioners from 85 different practices, attended these sessions.

During each workshop, the following key themes were discussed:

  • Quality of data,
  • Embedding of practical and effective patient management guidelines to improve prevention and management activities
  • Improving workflows for busy GPs
  • Minimising the need for third party applications
  • A platform to support patient centred care and patient engagement
  • Improved customer support

Virtual Workshops

As Hello Health understands that the workflow and reality of healthcare professionals working in rural and remote locations is different, online workshops will be conducted in January and February of 2019.

The goal is to understand what resources are needed to make the Hello Health platform indispensable for Australian general practices, and provide them with the tools they not only want, but truly need.

Hello Health will be providing updates as development progresses. Please stay in touch if you have any questions regarding the platform or our workshops.

Contact us by visiting this page.