Patient Engagement

Patient Engagement Tools for A Better Patient Experience

Hello Health’s suite of medical practice software helps doctors and clinics achieve a more efficient workflow, while providing patients with a better experience through comprehensive tools that put them at the centre of their own health care.

These tools increase access to care, empower patients and contribute to increased positive care outcomes.

Hello Health's Australia: Appointment Reminders

Appointment Reminders

Hello Health offers practices and staff the ability to automatically send patients confirmations and reminders for their appointments. These reminders are sent through either email or text, ensuring patients are always informed of their upcoming appointments. This also reduces no-shows and frees up phone lines.

Hello Health's Australia: Patient-Centric Workflows

Patient-Centric Workflows

Doctors and medical practices using the Hello Health software can easily shift towards patient-centric workflows. The EMR includes a dashboard that centralises communications around a patient and enables staff to make teams accountable. They can assign, set deadlines, track and prioritise tasks, and even link tasks to specific patient charts.

Hello Health's Australia: Clinical Decision Support

Clinical Decision Support

Hello Health is equipped with a clinical decision support tool that enables doctors to enhance the health care they deliver. The software allows practices to easily create clinical decision reminders that can flag and identify patients who meet specific criteria, keep track of certain groups of patients and remind staff of certain actions that need to be taken immediately.

This feature is based on a variety of specific criteria that can be created and customised for any practice and can even be colour coded for easier reference.

Hello Health's Australia: Patient Education

Patient Education

The Hello Health EMR and Practice Management software includes a comprehensive library where doctors and medical staff can store important documents related to patient education.

The powerful tools within its platform have built-in intelligence that can tailor a patient’s health education materials by medication, diagnosis, lab or procedure.