Practice Management Technology for the 21st Century

An Efficient Practice Management Software

The Hello Health Practice Management Software is easy to use and comes with many integrated tools that allow practice staff to be highly efficient. Clinics can customise practice settings, manage patient check-ins, consolidate information, integrate billing and more.

The minimal use of third-party applications requires less navigation from one application to the next. Staff can easily and securely conduct essential work within the Hello Health platform.


The Hello Health platform comes with an intuitive and visually pleasing scheduling functionality. Medical practices can easily customise their scheduling views based on specific days, weeks or months. They can also export their daily calendars and colour code their visits as well as generate automatic online reminders for practice activities.

Hello Health's Australia: Scheduling

Customizable Practice Settings

Practices can effectively take control of their clinical management through the Hello Health Practice Management Software. The platform’s centralized view of staff schedules and patient bookings allows practices to easily manage everyday workflows. The software also allows practice staff to manage note sharing, billing, templates, clinical decision reminders and more.

Hello Health's Australia: Customizable Practice Settings

Task Management

The task management feature within the Hello Health Practice Management Software allows staff to quickly and easily assign tasks to certain doctors or other healthcare professionals. Everything can be customised, from the task’s priority level and type to assignee and status. This feature displays a consolidated view of all practice staff tasks, ensuring everyone is informed and works efficiently.

Hello Health's Australia: Task Management

Secure Messaging

The Hello Health platform is equipped with robust and secure communication tools, allowing medical staff and healthcare professionals to send messages among staff, SMD correspondences and reminders to patients. The secure message directory enables doctors to send pathology reports, referrals and imaging securely, at the click of a button.

Hello Health's Australia: Secure Messaging

Form Management and Letter Writing

The Practice Management Software comes with preloaded and additional templates that can be built on request. The Hello Health platform supports PDFs and built-in Word Processor that features a rich UI component and editing capabilities. Staff can quickly complete forms and write letters through Doc Editor. The platform also supports predefined merge fields that can automatically pre-populate.

Hello Health's Australia: Form Management and Letter Writing

Benefits of the Hello Health Practice Management Software

Practitioners and clinical practice staff have access to a consolidated view of all important practice documentation within the Hello Health Practice Management Software.

  • Cloud-based
  • Customisable practice settings
  • Task automation
  • Consolidated view