Simple Implementation and Training

Hello Health provides practice staff with comprehensive online training as well as over-the-phone training with local implementation and support agents. All employees have access to Online Hello Health Library, making it easy and quick for staff to transition to the new modern platform. The Hello Health team can have a practice up and running on its cloud-based platform in as little as a couple of weeks!

Hello Health’s Implementation Program

Implementing Hello Health’s medical practice software is quick, easy and painless for all practice staff. As it is cloud-based, there are no heavy servers to unload or in-person training sessions to worry about. Everything is personalised and painless.

Every practice will be assigned a local Account Manager and will also have 24/7 access to an Online Training Center.

  • Rapid training
  • Live online training for the entire practice
  • Access to a comprehensive Online Training Center
  • Personalised service
  • Local training agents
  • Limited downtime

Hello Health’s Seamless Implementation and Training

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Hello Health’s suite of cloud-based software were built with and for doctors. After months of listening to doctor and practice staff needs across Australia, Hello Health has also applied the specific workflow and needs to its implementation and training program.

Practices and staff will have the tools they need to run an efficient, thriving practice from the moment they switch to Hello Health’s intuitive medical practice technology. The Australian-based team will offer practices a structured approach to online training that will be both quick, painless and user-friendly.


The first step is a remote meeting with your local account manager. This call will get you, your staff and our team on the same page before we start switching you to the Hello Health platform. At this time, we get to know your practice’s unique workflow and needs and work towards setting up your Hello Health EMR and Practice Management Software.

Data Migration

Once the Hello Health team understands your needs, we work with your staff to input your data safely and securely into the new system. It is also the time when we provide comprehensive training on how everything will work.

Go Live

Once your team is ready to start using the Hello Health software, our local specialist will get you ready for rollout and guide you every step of the way. It is now time to start reaping the benefits of the Hello Health EMR and Practice Management Software!